Strategies to Follow To Achieve Results in Keto Diet

You might know that a keto diet is a moderate protein, high fat and low carb diet. When you adhere to this diet plan, your liver will produce ketones. Your brain will use them for fuel metabolism. In ketosis diet, you will train the body to do something. Yes, you will tell your body to use fatty acids or ketone bodies to produce energy. Your body should do this as against the normal process of producing energy from glucose. Experts are of the opinion that it is something called fat adapted.

When you follow the ketogenic diet plan, your insulin tolerance will improve. Even, it will help with inflammation reduction in your body. In turn, you will remain safe against chronic diseases. It will also stimulate fat metabolism and muscle development. Do you know that people are using this diet for treating cancer naturally? You can get a whole lot of benefits from this diet by following a strict keto approach. Even, following a cyclic ketogenic diet will help. Now get some CBD oil to supplement and your diet will be a success!

What is cyclic ketogenic diet and how will it help?

In cyclic keto diet, your body will move in and out of the state of ketosis. It will help with achieving hormonal balance. When you are in cyclic ketosis diet, you will follow a low-carb diet for three days. Then, you will proceed with a normal carb the following day. Again, consequently for three days, you will be with low carb. If you are planning to achieve ketosis weight loss, you should remember one thing. You should maintain the state of ketosis. Here are some tips to help you with the same:

Regular exercise: Let us consider that you regularly do high-intensity workouts. These workouts will help with the stimulation of glucose transport molecule. The molecule is found in the muscle tissue and liver. It is called as GLUT-4 Receptor. It is responsible for removing sugar from the bloodstream. It is also responsible for storing the sugar in the muscles and the liver as glycogen. You can double the concentration of this protein with regular exercises. This is something important for maintaining ketosis. The reason is that it supports the ability of your body to bear slightly higher carbs. You need not have to worry if you cannot engage in high-intensity workout sessions. Even, you can incorporate low-intensity exercises like swimming and walking. They will also help with maintaining ketosis. It happens by balancing the blood sugar levels. But, you should remember one important tip here. You should never workout beyond your body’s limit. If you do it, there will be an increase in your blood sugar levels. In turn, it will inhibit ketosis. Here is a perfect per-week exercise plan suggested by experts:

  • Monday – Do yoga for 20 minutes
  • Tuesday – A 30-minute walk will help.
  • Wednesday – Consider doing 20 minutes of tai chi
  • Thursday – You can do 30 minutes of elliptical exercise
  • Friday – A 20-minute session of resistance band strength training.
  • Saturday/Sunday – Low-intensity exercise for 30 minutes. It can be anything like walking, dancing and gardening.

Improve Your Gut Motility: Are you constipated when you are in Keto? You are not alone. Many people face it. When you face constipation, it will increase stress hormones. In turn, the increased blood sugar levels will pull you out of ketosis. The following are some of the reasons why you are constipated:

  • You might be dehydrated
  • You might have consumed inadequate electrolyte.
  • It might be the result of chronic stress
  • It is a sign that your diet has limited fibrous vegetables
  • Pre-existing issues like small intestinal bacterial growth or candida overgrowth.

Now, with these reasons known, you should know the remedies, isn’t? You can consume fermented foods. Examples include sauerkraut, kefir, coconut water, and kimchi. These foods are rich in proteins. You can rectify the electrolyte imbalance with juicing your own fresh green drink. Even, you can take magnesium supplements with plenty of water on a daily basis.

Good salts: Your body should have the right potassium and sodium ratio. But, due to the imbalance, there will be a disproportion in the insulin levels as well. In turn, due to insulin, your kidneys will retain sodium. It leads to a higher potassium and sodium ratio. You should remember one thing here. The keto diet supports the kidneys by adjusting to bring down the insulin levels. The same happens by excreting more sodium. When this happens, your body might need more sodium. So, when you are in keto, you should take 3-5 grams of additional sodium. You can get the same through natural foods like pink Himalayan sea salt. Here are some ways to increase sodium intake:

  • Add pink salt to your meals generously.
  • Consume natural foods with low carb and high sodium content like cucumber and celery.
  • Drink broth all through the day.
  • Add a quarter spoon of pink sea salt to every 8-16 Oz of water. You should drink it all through the day.
  • You can add sea vegetables to dishes like nori, dulse, and kelp
  • Even, you can consume salted pumpkin seeds for a snack. Even, taking salted macadamia nuts is a good idea.

Stay hydrated: When we become busy, we forget to hydrate. The digestive system does not flush out easily in the morning. To stay hydrated, you can take purified water within the first hour of waking up. You should follow it with another 32-48 OZ of water before noon.

Practice intermittent fasting: It is one of the best methods to maintain ketosis. You can avoid hypoglycemic episode in this process. Yes, you can do it by going low-carb for at least a few days. These few days should be before you start intermittent fasting.

  • Make sure that there is a gap of 8 to 12 hours between your first and last meal on a given day.
  • Also, notice the gap between the last meal of the previous day and the first meal of the following day. It should be between 12-16 hours.
  • Consume MCT oil along with organic coffee or green tea. It will help with stabilizing blood sugar.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of organic herbal tea and purified water.

These tips will help your body to maintain in ketosis state. The result, you will achieve the intended benefits from the ketogenic diet.

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